Common Causes of Truck Breakdowns and How to Prevent Them!

Truck breakdowns can impede the swift movement, productivity, and efficiency of your fleet. Breakdowns can happen anywhere at any time, regardless of how careful you are with your fleet management. Even for your individual trucks, unpredictable repairs can cause serious problems or seem like a bigger headache, especially when you get stuck on the side of the road in emergencies. Both the options of towing and repairs will be expensive in such a situation. But more importantly, this will increase the downtime for your business. We’re sure you never want that to happen. Hiring professional truck repair in Bakersfield is a great option, but you have to think ahead of the time.

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The first thing you can do from your side is identifying the common truck breakdowns, their causes, and how you can prevent them in advance. It’s a proactive approach or a preventive measure to diminish any kind of possibilities that can have your trucks stuck on the road in need of help.

Being familiar with these problems and causes will also let you grasp more knowledge about your heavy-duty vehicle. In the long run, it can help you handle the upkeep work of your fleet with more efficiency.

Flying Bird Repair takes pride in being your one-stop-shop for all truck repairs in Bakersfield. We specialize in truck roadside service in Bakersfield. Let us tell you more about how you can keep your trucks ready for the unexpected.

Common Causes of Truck Breakdowns

Poor Maintenance

It all starts with a careless attitude on the part of fleet or truck owners who ignore regular maintenance. They may be unaware of, or choose to ignore, the fact that regular maintenance is the backbone of a stable and effective fleet. They must establish a comprehensive maintenance schedule to avoid breakdowns caused by poor maintenance. Inspect and service each truck on a regular basis, addressing minor issues before they become major issues. If you follow a proper maintenance schedule, you may even not need truck roadside assistance near me in Bakersfield.

Ignoring Overheating Engines

Another critical issue that could lead to emergency breakdowns in trucks is overheating. It can be triggered by a combination of factors such as low coolant levels, faulty radiators, or faulty cooling systems. However, it is also avoidable. You don’t have to try anything new. Drivers and fleet managers must constantly track coolant levels, address leaks, and ensure the proper operation of cooling components. Furthermore, scheduling regular engine inspections can detect potential issues before they cause breakdowns.

Not Preparing For Electrical System Failures

It should go without saying that modern trucks rely heavily on complex electrical systems. If you don’t know, you should find out what those systems are. However, if you are aware, you should implement routine electrical system maintenance to keep clean connections and significantly reduce the risk of electrical failures. Otherwise, you can end up seeking commercial truck roadside assistance in emergencies. With regular inspections, you can identify and address potential problems before they cause breakdowns. 

Overlooking Tire Problems

The most important component of your heavy-duty vehicle is its tires. And tire issues, such as blowouts or flats, will lead to breakdowns. Things can quickly become dangerous if tire tread, pressure, and overall condition are not checked on a regular basis. So, you should encourage drivers to report any anomalies as soon as possible and to replace worn-out tires as soon as possible. Flying Bird Repair offers comprehensive truck repair in Bakersfield to keep your trucks moving seamlessly. We’re ready to tackle any truck repair issues you face.

Brake System Failures

There are few things more dangerous to deal with than sudden brake failures because they pose serious safety risks. You can get yourself into a lot of trouble if you don’t implement a proactive brake maintenance program. Instead, you should perform regular inspections, replace worn brake pads and rotors on time, and address any signs of brake system problems. Prioritize preventive measures to improve safety and dependability.

Transmission Failures 

Did you know that transmission issues can be a major cause of breakdowns? Despite this, they are often taken for granted. However, if you are a responsible truck or fleet owner, you must service the transmission, check fluid levels, and address any unusual noises or vibrations as soon as possible. If you’re in an emergency due to transmission failures, it will be best to hire truck roadside service. Also, if you own a fleet, provide drivers with proper training on efficient shifting techniques to help the transmission last longer.

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Understanding and addressing the common causes of truck breakdowns, as well as ways to prevent them, may be the most important things you can do to maintain a dependable fleet. This is a preventative measure that will benefit your trucks in the long run. Investing in quality components and providing proper training to drivers can significantly reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

However, if you want to get comprehensive truck repairs in Bakersfield, Flying Bird Repair has always got your back. Whether you need us for commercial truck roadside service oil change, we’re always ready to serve. Get in touch now to learn more or schedule a service.